WSCS1462 | Basic cupboard

White basic cupboard for raising a washing machine, dryer or (floor-standing or tabletop) refrigerator/freezer | With pull-out tray

plus 100% safe (TÜV-certified)
plus Vibration-absorbing
plus Perfect working height
Expected delivery: approx. 3-6 weeks


Washtower® lets you create a well-organised and user-friendly laundry room where it’s a joy to do laundry. This washing machine cupboard with pull-out tray raises your washing machine, dryer or (floor-standing or tabletop) freezer/refrigerator to the perfect working height, so you don’t have to bend while doing the laundry. The drawer underneath can be used to store a laundry basket and/or other laundry supplies. When loading and unloading the washing machine or dryer, the laundry basket can be placed on the pull-out tray. The pipes are concealed behind the cabinet, giving your laundry room an uncluttered and tidy look & feel. This basic cupboard can be combined with all other cupboards in our range.

The special construction of the cupboard absorbs vibrations. The cupboard is made of 22 mm-thick high-quality chipboard with a melamine coating, similar to many models of bathroom and kitchen cupboards. This makes the cupboard moisture-resistant. The machine is placed on a metal base plate with raised edges, so that no moisture can enter the cupboard. An anti-tip device in front of the machine prevents it from falling out. There is a ventilation grate on the top of the cupboard.

The wall brackets provided can be used to secure the cupboard up to 5 cm from the wall. The cupboard does not have a back panel behind the machine and there is 5 cm of space for pipes in the cupboard itself. This means there is a total of 10 cm of space. If you need more space, contact our customer service team for advice.

This cupboard has been tested by the TÜV, the German government-authorised inspection institution, which granted certification for our products, so we can proudly claim that our washing machine cupboards are 100% safe and that we can offer the highest quality guarantee in the industry.  

It should be noted that our washing machine cupboards are delivered as a construction kit and without machines.

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Dimensions: 67x146x65 cm (WxHxD)
Colour: white
Suitable for a washing machine, dryer or (floor-standing or tabletop) freezer/refrigerator
With drawer and pull-out tray
Anti-tip device
Metal base plate
Ventilation grate
Fitted with adjustable feet
Soft-close system
Includes 4 wall brackets for wall mounting
No back panel so machine can be easily connected
Appliance recess dimensions: 62.6x86.3x58.9 cm (WxHxD)
Drawer dimensions: 54.5x30.5(functional storage height)x43.5 cm (WxHxD)
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Assembly manual


5.91 MB - wscs1462.pdf

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