In this image you see a white laundry cupboard from Washtower with it's TÜV certifcate logo with the ID one can use to find the certificate in it's register.

The only washing machine cupboard in Europe with TÜV certification

"Can the washing machine shake itself out of the cupboard?", "Can the cupboard fall or tip over?" and "Are the cupboards from Washtower® also suitable for heavy washing machines?" We get these questions often. That is why we asked the German TÜV, the globally renowned quality certification institute, to test this. The washing machine cupboards at Washtower® passed the test with flying colours, making it the first and only TÜV-certified washing machine cupboard in Europe. This is your guarantee should anything go wrong with the cupboard in combination with the raised appliances.

  • Only TÜV-certified cupboard of its kind in Europe
  • The cupboard cannot fall or tip over
  • The washer/dryer cannot fall out of the cupboard
  • Suitable for loaded washing machines of up to 120 kg

The cupboard cannot fall or tip over and absorbs vibrations

The cupboard cannot fall or tip over
TÜV Rheinland tested our washing machine cupboard by subjecting the most susceptible part of the cupboard to high pressure. During this test, the washing machine cupboard of Washtower® remained securely mounted on the wall and showed no signs of cracks or breakage.

The cupboard absorbs vibrations
They ran the machine through a complete wash cycle with a maximum of 25% of the allowed weight to cause an unevenly distributed load. Thanks to the innovative construction model, the cupboard (WSCS1462 and WSCS146) absorbs all vibrations. At the TÜV test centre, minimal vibrations were detected in the floor and wall. Moreover, at Washtower® the washing machine cupboard has a patented anti-tip device that ensures that the machine cannot shake itself out of the cupboard.

A cupboard that will not sag and no warranty loss on appliances

The cupboard will not sag due to a heavy machine
During the TÜV Rheinland test, a total of 120 kg of weight was placed in the exact location where the washing machine and dryer are situated. The goal of this test is to detect any warping of the base plate. But no warping whatsoever was observed with our cupboard. This means that the Washtower® is also suitable for heavier machines like the appliances from Miele.

No warranty loss on appliances
Given that the TÜV found the washing machine cupboards of Washtower® to be safe, the warranty and product liability are maintained, also when the washing machine is raised. The terms and conditions of all washing machine manufacturers state that the washing machine must always have an open space on the right or left side at all times. When buying a standard cupboard (60 cm wide) or building your own cupboard, you therefore run the risk that the warranty will no longer apply. Since TÜV Rheinland found the washing machine cupboards at Washtower® to be safe, you do not have any risk of a warranty loss on your cupboard and appliances when using our cupboard.

Why everyone chooses Washtower® cupboards

Highest quality warranty

Due to the TÜV certification you're ensured to receive a cupboard of high quality

Custom advice

We have in-house experts who can give you free advice on how to arrange your ideal laundry room

Delivery on appointment

Our transport partners will call you upfront to discuss a date for delivery

No warranty loss

Don't lose the warranty on your appliances


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